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Mittwoch, 7. September 2011, 00:51

66 Ex GEOWORKSler auf Yatedo (LINK)

Hier 66 ehemalige Geoworks Mitarbeiter. Es handelt sich um verschiedene "Geoworks" Firmen:

Köpfe (Auswahl) aus der PC/GEOS und der EdenOS > LibertyOS > GEOS-E > (GEOS-SE) > GEOS-SC Ära:

# Mark Hartigan-Davies (EdenOS > GEOS-SC)

# Tony Lijphart (PC/GEOS User Interface Designer / Geoworks, Manager of the Human Interface Design Department / Wink Communications, Manager of Product Usability and Design / MyTurn

# Lawrence Warner (I was Geoworks' first full-time System Administrator in 1991)

# Dave Grannan (1998 - 2003 President & CEO, Chairman - Geoworks)

# Steven Kuo (1990 - 1991 Marketing & Developer Support - Geoworks)

# Dexter Chow (1993 - 1995 QA - Geoworks)

# Simon Johnson (1999 - 2005 (2005!) Writing and maintaining C code for the Geos-SE Operating system for the Seiko-Epson “Locatio” device released to the Japanese market.)

# Brian Dougherty (1983 - 1995 CEO - GeoWorks)

# Jeremy Goldberger (1990 - 1993 Sales Manager At a Successful National Company - GeoWorks)

# Robert Siegel (Responsible for sales to hardware companies in the U.S., Far East and Europe for bundling software with personal computers and PDAs; in charge of pricing and contract negotiations • Generated $5 million of revenues on over 900,000 units in OEM sales • Managed customer relationships with Philips, Sony, NEC, Samsung and Canon • Managed international retail distribution of software in Europe, Australia and Canada)

# Eric Del Sesto (1984 - 1990 Software Engineer - Berkeley Softworks, 1991 - 1994 Director of Engineering - Geoworks)

# Matthew Trifiro (Director and Manager (various departments) - Berkeley Softworks

Computer Software
I was one of the first 30 employees at this innovative software company that developed the GEOS graphical operating system for Commodore 64 computers. I was hired as a technical writer and was then promoted to manage the entire documentation department, where I was responsible for writing and producing 30 users' manuals for a variety of application software products, including word processors, spreadsheets, publishing systems, and operating systems across Commodore 64, Apple II, and PC platforms. When the company began developing it's PC-GEOS competitor to Windows, I was one of the key application user interface and product configuration designers. With the launch of the PC product, I was named Director of Customer Service where I was responsible for contact with the end customer, including inbound sales and technical support. When the company redirected its energies to provide systems and software into the mobile device and TV markets, the company became Geoworks.,

1987 - 1995 Vice President, Interactive TV - Geoworks
At Geoworks I was recruited to help lead the company's fledgling interactive TV efforts. As Vice President in charge of Interactive TV, I worked directly with the CEO to forge key customer relationships, guided the engineering and artistic team in the development of product prototypes, and negotiated key set-top-box deals with the three leading cable equipment manufacturers. These efforts led to a negotiated spin-out of the new product that became Wink, where I was a founding executive.)

# Jeremy Dashe (1987 Co-op Engineer Intern - Berkeley Softworks. Co-op intern from the UC Berkeley co-op program. Co-authored the GeoFile database application on the Apple ][ Geos platform. Ah, the good old days of 6502 assembly language, debugging with an ICE (in-circuit emulator) unit!, 1991 Software Architect - Geoworks)

# Paul Chen (1994 - 1999 Technical Trainer; Manager, Technical Support; Manager, Technology Marketing - Geoworks)

# David Noha (1993 - 1994 Software Engineer - Geoworks)

# Meriby Sweet (1995 - 1997 Marketing Program Manager - Geoworks)

# Ed Ballot (1993 - 1998 Engineer - Geoworks)

# Jim Given (General Counsel - Geoworks)

# Vicki Hinckley

# Larry Hosken (1990 - 1999 Senior Technical Writer - Geoworks. Wrote API and "cookbook" docs about operating systems for smartphones and PCs. As a doc lead, coordinated three other writers. Wrote sample applications in C and x86 Assembly. Created FrameMaker templates. Wrote Perl tool to tidy FrameMaker's HTML output. Trained developers. Supported third-party developers via email and forums.)

# Martin Turon (1992 - 1995 Software Engineer - Geoworks)

... 3

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